Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Today, a Sacramento jury found Mario Garcia guilty of first degree murder for the death of Christie Wilson.

The verdict came down after only two and a half days of deliberation. Congratulations are in order to the Placer County Sheriff's Office, and the District Attorney's Office. Placer citizens can rest easier tonight, knowing that a killer has been taken off the streets for good.

It is likely that during sentencing phase, the jury will hear all manner of sordid details related to Garcia's past.

We also have to wonder if Garcia will finally reveal the location of Wilson's body, possibly in exchange for leniancy. That seems unlikely considering he'll probably appeal the conviction, and this isn't a death penalty case. We can only hope for some manner of decency to be finally shown by this man.

Stay tuned...

Friday, September 29, 2006

Garcia trial ends for the week on a sidebar.

According to KXTV News 10, yesterday during cross examination of Sacramento Police Dept. Detective Richard Doricott, the judge decided to release the jury for weekend break after defense requested a sidebar. It seems the defense may have been trying to infer that Daniel Burlando hadn't accurately reported the last time he had seen Wilson, and the prosecution objected to the inference.

Below is a list of audio reports from local KFBK 1530AM Radio regarding the trial. Click the link to listen (.MP3 format).

Garcia Murder Trial Underway

Garcia Murder Trial Enters Second Day

Mario Garcia's Defence Draws Criticism

Testimony Continues In Mario Garcia's Murder Trial

The trial resumes Tuesday at 9:00AM.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Mario Garcia's Murder trial to start Monday

The trial of Mario Garcia for the alledged Murder of Christie Wilson, will start this coming Monday Sept 25.

Ten men and two women will sit on the jury.

The trial is being held in the Gordon D. Schaber Downtown Courthouse, on the 5th floor in Dept 41. Follow the link for maps & parking info.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Remains may not be Wilson's.

The Auburn Journal is reporting that the remains found along Hwy. 20 likely belong to an Asian female.

Another question answered: The Sacramento Bee is reporting that Mario Garcia will take the stand during his Murder trial.

This will be a very interesting direct & cross examination. Short of any slam dunk physical evidence coming out, the case could be won or lost right here.

KXTV 10 also has good coverage of today's jury selection process.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Human remains found in Nevada County along Hwy 20/Hwy 80.

The Auburn Journal is reporting human remains have been found in Nevada County. The location is approximately 30-35 miles from Mario Garcia's home, as the crow flies.

I'll post some Google map imagery & links later this evening.

The Auburn Journal story is not precise on the location where the remains were found, but I have done a little sleuthing and came up with a possible area.

Possible area where remains were found.

Bird's eye view showing relevant locations

Monday, March 27, 2006


According to this KXTV News story, the trial of Mario Garcia will be additionally delayed as both sides further prepare for trial.

Last week, in a crucial ruling, the judge decided that hair evidence will be allowed at trial. Garcia's defense team is now preparing to challenge any evidence that may be found on the back seat of the car. Remember that the back seat was sent to a crime lab months ago for extensive analysis and LE is still waiting on results.

Jury selection is now scheduled to start June 12 in Sacramento. We will likely hear about more Defense motions to suppress in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Judge to decide by Thursday on evidence

KCRA 3 reports that Garcia's attorneys were back in court arguing for evidence dismissal. The Judge is set to rule by Thursday on the admissibility of evidence found in Garcia's car.

Of minor interest in the KCRA story, is a sketch artist's rendering of either a photo board or a series of diagrams, appearing to show the detail of the car door handle, and the position the hair was found.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Did Auburn PD go too far?

According to this Auburn Journal story, last Tuesday Auburn Police picked up a 12 yr old girl from EV Cain middle school without her parents' permission, in an effort to locate a witness related to the Wilson case.

Apparently, Auburn PD was assisting the Placer County DA's office in locating a black, wheelchair bound man seen on videotape in the parking lot, as Garcia and Wilson were leaving the casino. They had some information that this 12yr old girl could help them locate this mystery man. So an Auburn Police Detective checked the girl out of school and took her home to obtain contact information for her uncle. As it turns out, this uncle was not the man they were looking for.

Now it seems the girl's mother is fit to be tied. As of the story's writing, no formal complaint had been made to the Auburn PD.

We can only speculate what bearing this has on the case. For a fleeting moment, I thought perhaps this was a turn towards a new suspect. But further consideration has me feeling it is a witness hunt. Since the DA was making the request for assistance in locating this person, we might assume that the DA is looking for anyone who will say anything to help shore up the case against Garcia.

In my opinion, it doesn't seem like the potential information such a witness could give would warrant the tactics used to get at this mystery man.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

What will Jean Garcia say?

Local Fox 40 News has obtained an exclusive interview with Jean Garcia, which will air Monday night at 10PM.

Apparently Jean Garcia has been visiting Mario in jail. She apparently has expressed some sorrow for his being in jail and also discussed the hardship for the family during his time away.

Jean Garcia has not been cooperative with law Enforcement. It is likely that she has not given law Enforcement any statements. If that is the case, she pretty much has an open floor to make statements that will help or hurt Mario Garcia at trial.

For instance, it has been reported that Jean Garcia has not told Law Enforcement what time Mario came home that morning. If she takes the stand for the Defense and says Mario Garcia arrived home at a time that puts him on a bee-line from the Casino, it will be very helpful to Mario Garcia. If Jean Garcia says Mario arrived home without any cuts or brusies, and then goes on to back up his tree fall story, it will be helpful for Garcia.

On the other hand, Jean Garcia could throw Mario under the bus. She could testify that he came home hours after he left the casino, in a beat up & bloodied condition. This would probably be enough to send the case over the edge and convict.

Jean Garcia is very likely the only person with direct evidence and firsthand knowledge as it relates to this case. How she chooses to present what she knows will be very interesting and possibly crucial indeed. We can all tune in to Fox 40 Monday night for a preview...

They didn't know which car he drove!?

A question we contemplated a while back here, was did Law Enforcement know which car Mario Garcia drove to the casino that night? According to the new motion filed last week by Garcia's attroney's, they didn't know, and they did have to ask Mario Garcia.

In the motion, Garcia's attorney claims that Placer County Sheriff Sgt. Bob McDonald told Garcia that he would take all of Garcia's cars, if Garcia didn't identify which one he drove that night.

According to the latest Sacramento Bee story, Garcia's attorney is in the process of amending his latest motion to respond to the D.A.'s memorandum oppsing the motion. It is possible we may glean a little more inside information when this amendment is filed.

I am curious how this meshes with the claim by Law Enforcement that Mario Garcia turned right out of the parking lot that night, instead of left towards the freeway. They must have some video of this. If this is the case, I wonder why they couldn't then figure out which car he was driving?

At any rate, the nuiances of this are now very relevant. If they didn't know which car he drove, then they had no legal basis to search the Camry when they did, without the express written or taped consent of Mario Garcia.

The D.A. is claiming that via and/or during "consensual contact with the Sheriff" - Garcia gave them permission to search. Sounds to me like the D.A. doesn't have it in writing, or on tape.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Reviewing the CBS 48 Hours story

I watched with interest this weekend as CBS presented the Christie Wilson story. There are a few interesting points that were made, which are worth further consideration. Since the story appeared to already have Mario Garcia convicted, they didn't take a critical look at some interesting facts.

Christie Wilson's cell phone was indeed found in the casino. To the best of my knowledge this is news. Mario Garcia has claimed all along that he and Christie Wilson parted company in the parking lot. According to his version of events, she indicated that she needed to return to the casino because she had forgotten her cell phone. The fact that her cell phone was found in the casino backs up this part of Mario Garcia's story.

In my opinion, Daniel Burlando doesn't seem believable during the interviews. Keep in mind that he, not Mario Garcia, has been convicted of assaulting Christie Wilson in the past. His alibi cannot be confirmed. Christie was due to move out on him within days - back to her parent's house for a Bay Area job, so the story goes.

Look for Garcia's defense team to tear into Daniel Burlando at trial. Hopefully he finds a few more brain cells to rub together before he takes the stand.

Mario Garcia was a regular at the casino. So why did he choose that night, after becoming a recognizeable figure, to kill someone he had met and partied with while gambling?

Has Mario Garcia done this before - murder? Back in 1979, he denied driving the night of the crash on Christmas Day, when two women were killed. Apparently a girlfriend/former girlfriend and her mother were killed when for no apparent reason, the car they were in with Garcia sped off into the Oakland estuary, and only he managed to 'survive'.

Also keep in mind his former wife left him, citing abuse. So aside from the all the women who Law Enforcement know have come to some harm in his presence, could there be other women out there who have metup with Garcia and been hurt or killed?

Sadly, I expect that many of the lurid tales of Garcia's past will never make the light of day in court.

It is unclear if Daniel Burlando was ever convicted of assault on Christie Wilson. What is not in dispute, is that he was arrested and charged. If it becomes relevant in the future, we will post the related arrest & court records here, mug shots, etc.


According to a Sacramento Bee article, Mario Garcia's lawyers filed a motion today to suppress the evidence found during a search of his vehicle. They are claiming that the search was made illegally.

This is probably a pretty standard Defense practice. Prosecutor's have challenged the motion, claiming Garcia consented to the search.

As the article points out, if this motion is granted, the case will be 'severely hampered'. Some might say the case is already severely hampered, and will be over if this motion is granted.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Tonight, local CBS News 13 will air a preview of the upcoming 48 hours segment.

They also reveal that the 48 hours segment will feature an interview with the woman that Mario Garcia was previously accused of kidnapping and raping.

Click the image above to read the story & watch the video.

Mario Garcia & Wendy Ward - late 1970's
Images are from this CBS 13 news story

Saturday, February 25, 2006


The CBS News show 48 HOURS MYSTERY will be covering the dissapearance of Christie Wilson.

A quick review of the trailers leads me to believe that the show will be heavily slanted against Mario Garcia. It is interesting that this type of predjudicial news coverage would be allowed so close to trial, and it can't bode well for Mario Garcia. However, it goes to show that a murder case without a body is very, very news worthy. Let's face it: The prosecution needs all the help it can get with this one.

This will be without a doubt the largest national media coverage of this case. For those of us following the story, we may learn a few new details. Everyone from the Sheriff to Christie's mom is featured at length making numerous comments.

Set your reminders for next Saturday at 10PM EST/PST.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Link goes to Aurburn Journal story

With the drama that has unfolded and that will continue to unfold surrounding this story, it's sometimes easy for a casual observer to forget what is really the most important facet:

Christie Wilson was a lovely young lady with a promising future. Her disappearance and presumed death has upended the lives of some very decent people and left a void for her family that can never be filled.

It is likely that as the trial gets closer and takes place, we will hear more about her alleged abductor/murderer than we will about her. We will hear his name mentioned more than hers. Even as I read back over this blog, it strikes me that many of the posts are about the alleged perpetrator. His name is featured prominantly, as if he were a star. Far from it...

So this is a quick post to remember Christie Wilson, and to remind us all to keep her prominantly in our thoughts as this story progresses.


A sharp eye from the Garcia neighborhood has tipped us off to the fact that Mario Garcia's house is up for sale.

It's been said that a good murder defense doesn't come cheap. It's also tough to pay a first & second mortgage when you're in jail, so this was probably a foregone conclusion.

It now seems that Mario Garcia will never go back to this house, regardless of his upcoming fate.

The 4 bedroom home is listed at over $900,000.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


According to multiple sources, Mario Garcia will now be tried in Sacramento County instead of Placer for the murder of Christie Wilson.

The population is 10 times larger in Sacramento County, so it is likely many potential jurors have never heard of this case. The Judge and Prosecuters will still be from Placer County. Only the jurors will be from Sacramento.

In my opinion, this decision favors Mario Garcia.

The trial is now scheduled for April 24. I still plan to be there for opening statements and to share my obeservations on this blog. I will have much quicker access to the venue now, so it is possible that I will cover many more days of the trial, and not just opening and closing.

We can also assume that Mario Garcia will be transported to the Main Jail in Sacramento sometime between now and April.

The jail has capacity for 2,432 inmates. A virtual tour of the County Courthouses and driving/parking directions can be found here.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Motive? Key Evidence?

The trial for Mario Garcia is scheduled to start in February, and I plan to be there blogging during the opening statements.

As I ponder what might be said during those first days, I can't help but wonder what story the prosecution will weave. Let's face it - without a body, without a weapon, without a cause of death - without any witnesses to a crime - all you are left with are a few indirect facts that have to be somehow connected directly to murder. To put a man away for life, it had probably better be a damned good story. Without any of the aforementioned evidence, even the motive is pure speculation.

However the most important part of the story may be the motive. Why did Mario Garcia, a man with a nice house, a good job, a wife and kids, kill Christie Wilson?

Did Christie Wilson go to his car willingly? If so, perhaps did they have sex willingly? Did it get out of hand, too rough? Without a body - they can't even speak to sex, consensual or otherwise. You'd think that would be an important part of the story. Will the jury want to know? Will the prosecution offer a theory regarding sex or rape at all?

Did he kidnap her? They have no evidence of that. She partied with him. She walked out the door with him. She walked into the parking lot with him. He did not have a weapon, nor was he man handling her. The prosecution has not filed special cirumstances charges - so we can assume they will not alledge kidnapping.

The strongest evidence they have in my humble opinion, are the Clinic medical records and the testimony that will surely come from the Doctor - if the prosecution has its way. But will this evidence be allowed? Is it priviledged information protected by doctor-patient confidentiality laws? Will the Doctor be allowed to testify?

Also, will the prosecution be allowed to discuss Mario Garcia's criminal past during the trial, or only at sentencing if it gets that far?

And you have to wonder what Mario Garcia was thinking when he went to that Clinic. He must have been hurt pretty bad to need medical attention after just murdering someone. Most people, after just killing someone, wouldn't go to the clinic even if they were gunshot. He just as well could have walked into the Sheriff's office with a neon baseball cap on his head saying 'I just murdered someone'. If Mario Garcia is convicted for murder - barring the discovery of a body or a new witness (Jean Garcia) - that Clinic visit will prove to have been fateful. It will be the evidence that convinces a jury of his guilt.

What will be the story.....

Monday, December 12, 2005


KXTV has the story here.

Christie's mom hopes this will encourage Garcia to strike a plea deal. I seriously doubt that is going to happen without more substantial evidence coming in. Remember O.J.? What about Michael Jackson?

Saturday, December 03, 2005


According to this story at News 10, investigators have received their first credible tip in the investigation. This tip has led them to an old mining area around Dutch Flat to search for Wilson's body.

A link to the area is here. They think Garcia took a turn off of Main St, in an area known as 'The Diggings'. The area is very, very remote. There are many ponds and mineshafts.

Here is what was revealed about the tipster:
- It is a man
- He is still 'accessible' to investigators
- He and Garcia know each other 'in a sense'

Sounds to me like a jailhouse snitch. Let's face it - the only people talking to Garcia these days are his Pinochle partner and his lawyers. The thing about it is this: jailhouse informants are typically the most unreliable source of information. But I wonder if this isn't a prelude to the dirtiest, most desperate prosecutor trick in the book: the jailhouse confession.

When all else fails and you have nothing but your dick in your hand going to trial - find someone in jail to say they heard Garcia cry like a baby and tell all. I guess you do what you have to do.

On the other hand I could be way off base, and the information may have come from a relative or friend of Garcia's. Law Enforcement is undoubtedly being coy in any case to protect the identity for now. If Wilson's body is found in the area indicated, this tipster becomes their best, and perhaps starring witness.


The prosecution only gets to try Mario Garcia one time for the murder of Christie Wilson. The way I see it right now, they don't have enough. The only thing solid they are letting out isn't solid at all.

Mario Garcia claims he fell from a tree and received his injuries. This is without a doubt probably the best defense he could make. The Sheriff's investigators are making hay in the news about how they cannot substantiate this. They don't have to. THEY HAVE TO PROVE THAT HE KILLED CHRISTIE WILSON.

A long time ago in my first post, I told you folks that I was a member of a flying club near the landfill, which is near the casino. So let me follow up now since it seems relevant, and tell you that I fly model aircraft. I have done this for a long time, and I am so comfortable with it that I fly all over my neighborhood now. Occasionally, and that means about 2-3 times per year, I find one of my aircraft in a tree.

So yes, even at 30-something, I still know a thing or two about making my way up a tree. And let me tell you that you don't have to even have a fall to come out of that tree looking like you had your ass kicked. Don't believe me? Go climb a tree right now. Not some wussy climb - but make your way up at least 20 feet through the branches. Then climb back down.

When you get back down - look at your hands and arms. They probably look like you held down a cat who was being neutered with toe-nail clippers. If you have ANY sort of sensitive skin - wait 2 days and look again at the outbreak you might have from the tree-goo getting into your cuts.

Mario Garcia claims he had a rash because of a fall into some Poison Oak around his tree. Ok, so maybe that is what a normal person would assume 2-3 days after a rash developed from climbing a tree - regardless of what it came from. He isn't a botanist or arborist. He claims to be a guy who climbed and fell from a tree and had a rash afterwards.

I think the Sheriff could do a lot better than trying to prove there was no poison oak around that tree. The Defense will chew them up and spit them out otherwise. If the Sheriff thinks he is going to get a dumb-ass set of jurors he might want to think again. Placer is not one of the dingiest countys you'll find to pool a jury from.

People -when you combine a tree climb and a fall - you get almost exactly the type of injuries Garcia had after Wilson's disappearance. I am not saying any of this is true or that I believe it for a minute - I am simply preparing you for what is to come.

Also when you get back down from your tree climb - look around you. Do you see any evidence of your climb? Of course you do - or would have 2 months ago. You would see a lot of leaves all about, because you knocked them down while climbing. I know - because I do this 2-3 times per year. I know - because I take the time to clean this mess in my neighbors yard after I retrieve my model. The problem is that this 'evidence' of a climb will be gone with the next wind. Poof.

No one except a desperate prosecutor and a local reporter is going to make anything of the fact that you couldn't prove someone climbed and fell from a tree - or did not. It is NOT something you can refute. The Sheriff is looking for cut branches, and Garcia will argue that he never got the chance to start cutting the tree before he fell from it.

People - I could not believe the tree story - it is probably the best Mario Garcia could do to explain his injuries, and the Sheriff had better do a lot more than tell a jury how they can't substantiate the tree fall story. They need to find Christie Wilson, and then they need to connect the murder to Garcia with hard, and direct evidence. Because I don't want to see a killer walk free - and they only get one chance at this guy.

On the other hand, I also don't want to see the Sheriff get clowned by someone who may be the real Killer, not Garcia. It is pretty easy to argue that another of Christie Wilson's casino 'friends' saw her and Garcia that night making good times, and blew a gasket and waited for her to come out. I wonder if the Sheriff might spend more time insuring that is not the case than crawling around looking for weeds at Garcia's house.

Friday, December 02, 2005


Again one of the questions we asked here a long time ago, is where did Garcia go when he left the casino? It has now been revealed that surveillance video shows he turned RIGHT out of the parking lot, which took him to the back-country I described a while ago. It also took him past the land-fill. I don't think anyone really believes he could have accessed the landfill however. It is pretty well secure at that time of night.

Law Enforcement believes he should have gone the other way, if he was going home. We pointed that out too. However, there are still ways to get home by the direction he took - and you can bet his Defense attorney has a Powerpoint slide ready showing every single one of them.

The video does not reveal how many people are in the car Garcia was drving when he left the casino.

There will be more searches being conducted this weekend - and I encourage everyone who is able and even has an inkling to help, to find your way to the Thunder Valley Casino this Saturday at 9:00am.


A few people have criticized the author of this blog for his views and critical questioning of this case. It would seem now, as information comes to light, that I was right on point like a bird dog the whole time.

This story in the Auburn Journal reveals a lot. It basically reveals that Christie Wilson typically acted in the manner of an escort at the casinos she often went to alone. Because not only did she often go alone, she often hit up men for money while she partied and drank with them. This is pretty much an accurate description of an escort relationship.

Junior Crime Bloggers should take note: Often as much is revealed early in an investigation to people like us - the general public, by what ISN'T SAID OR DONE, as for what is. You need to be able to read between the lines and not believe everything that is shoveled in the Mainstream Media.

It was clear from the get-out that something wasn't right about this case. I told you here in this blog many moons ago, that we were going to learn some things about Christie Wilson that we may not want to know. It was PLAINLY OBVIOUS for many reasons, but primarily because of this:

In spite of the fact that every TV News show that covers missing women lately wanted a piece of this story, the family wouldn't talk. For the talking heads on Cable News, there was a lot more going on in this case than so many of the other ones. This was a rare caught on tape possibly being abducted story - abducted from an Indian Casino in Northern California no less. The guy doing the abducting had a lot going against him. And the family had every reason to employ the media to pressure him, and to help find the girl. In Short: it was THE PERFECT story for cable news - if it only had one thing: a completely innocent victim.

Now there is still a lot of news to come folks. And this case is anything but slam dunk. In fact - this is going to be one hell of a skate on thin ice for the prosecution if they do not find the remains of Ms. Wilson.

People - prepare yourselves for this: You can bet your last nickel that the Defense is going to drag Christie Wilson through the mud. It is going to be downright ugly if a deal isn't cut and a plea made.

I can see now one simple defense: Namely, that one of the last guys Christie Wilson dicked-teased for money when she was at the casino was waiting for her to come out this time. As soon as she and Garcia departed ways, she was abducted by an as yet unknown person. Simple - case closed if one person on the jury believes it and there is no strong evidence to refute it.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


This story from CBS 13 News details interesting new information about Christie Wilson.

Most disturbing, it was revealed that Wilson possibly had a gamblimg problem, and that she met her then current boyfriend IN THE SAME STRANGE MANNER as she did Mario Garcia: namely, at an Indian Casino, flirting & kissing with him, and borrowing money from him while gambling.

This answers two of my previously posted questions: Was it random? I think not - insofar as most young women don't have gambling problems that lead them to casinos alone on week nights, where they're prone to kiss and flirt and borrow money from strange men. And what was she doing there two days before a job interview in the Bay? Maybe she couldn't stay away.

The story also reveals that Wilson had tried to commit suicide, and that she had been kicked out of her parents home in the months leading up to her disappearance. This answers another of my previous questions about her living arrangement.

According to the story "A dealer at the casino also said that at one point in the night, Garcia told Wilson, 'Come to my place and I'll take care of you.'"

More developing....

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


"Volunteers will conduct a search this weekend and encourage anyone interested in helping with the search meet at the Thunder Valley Casino's employee parking lot at 9 a.m."

This according to a report in the Auburn Journal.

Prosecutors also got records from Placer High, Addison Credit Union, SBC (Phone Company), UC Davis Med Center (where Garcia went after Wilson went missing), and Sierra College.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Two weeks ago, a team of about 70 people searched the area around Scotts Flat Lake (Google Map). Apparently this is a place that Mario Garcia liked to go fishing. Reportedly no evidence was found.

Auburn Journal

Whew! Glad that's cleared up...

The boyfriend of Christie Wilson has finally spoken to news media. He says in the article regarding the possibility that Garcia and Wilson knew each other: "I know her very well. There was nothing romantic between them."

You know what they say - the husband/boyfriend is the first to know...

(did I get that right?)

For me it's a little hard to bank on that. They had only just celebrated their one year anniversary as boyfried/girlfriend.

The Defense Attorney's for Mario Garcia claim that the boyfriend, Daniel Burlando, 30, of Sacramento, also was reportedly arrested March 24 along with Wilson, for domestic violence. Burlando claims that is not the case. We'll see what's in the records soon enough.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Mario Garcia waived his right to a speedy prelim hearing yesterday. His defense claims they are waiting for more discovery to be given to them by the prosecution. Garcia will not be back in court until after Thanksgiving now.

The formal search has ended for Christie Wilson, but many people are still looking on their own. Finding her remains is key to solving this case and bringing closure to the family. The fact that Mario Garcia went to a clinic the day after her disappearance, with claw marks and a black eye - suggests that his skin and DNA would have been found under her fingernails. However with so much time having gone by, that type of evidence may have been compromised.

We have wondered if Mario Garcia knew he was going to the casino that night to meet someone. We ask this for many reasons, but the discovery of a possible related gag kit, and the fact that we have not found her remains has me asking this question again.

If Mario Garcia knew he was going to be meeting a young lady that night and knew he was going to commit a crime, he had plenty of time to prepare. He had time to put together a gag kit, and a plan. He perhaps also hide time to dig a grave before meeting her, means to change clothes after disposing of her, etc.

On the other hand, if Mario Garcia didn't have a plan to do this crime, and if he did just dream it up on the spot after meeting Christie that night at the casino, he likely didn't have any of these things. The fact that he was beat up suggests he may not have had or been able to employ restraints, and also suggests he may not have had any weapon. In this scenario, there is likely more evidence and a greater chance to find the remains - it would mean more panic and less planning.

In any case, it is far easier to solve a crime if you can get into the mind of the killer, and try and see things the way he did. Without this knowledge of the circumstances of their meeting, it is somewhat hard to do this.

I am sure Law Enforcement has the answers, and it is appropriate that they withold them as required to preserve the investigation's integrity. These details will be revealed to the public at the right time and place. For now we can only speculate, and otherwise try and figure out what may have happened to Christie Wilson.

You can't envy the prosecution's position in this case. If they try Mario Garcia for murder with only circumstantial evidence, and he is found not guilty - and then her remains are later found with clear cut DNA from Mario Garcia and other evidence implicating him - it won't matter. Maybe you could try him for rape if the evidence suggests it, but you cannot try him twice the same crime.

Related local news coverage for this post:

Auburn Journal

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hundreds of searchers have been looking for Christie Wilson this weekend. Today they spent some time focusing on a wooded area off of Moore Rd. This road is 2 miles north of the casino. It looks like a tree line runs along it.

I have linked to the Google Sat/Map here: Moore Rd Search Area. You can zoom straight in...

Several stories about this weekend's search are on the CBS 13 website, HERE and HERE.


A restraint and ball gag were found in a bag on the side of a remote road today during a search for Christie Wilson. KTXL Fox 40 News reports investigators have high hopes this could be related evidence. It appears at minimum that hair evidence exists on the restraints. I am sure tests are being done as quickly as possible to determine a match to Christie Wilson.

Camp Far West is a popular camping destination. It is somewhat remote, surrounded by a lot of open land and a lot of unmarked roads.

It would appear there could even be several remote back roads leading from Camp Far West to Mario Garcia's home area. One interesting route looks to be the Wise Rd/Mt Pleasant Rd/Big Ben Rd/McCourtney Rd/Riosa Rd pass from 65 to Hwy 80/193 junction near Auburn.

Here is a Google Map link that will put you in the area. Zoom Out and have a look around for yourself...

Thursday, November 10, 2005


This story by KOVR 13 News details more information about Mario Garcia's violent past.

The most startling piece of information, is that at age 27 Mario Garcia was in a speeding car, possibly driving, that plunged into waters near Oakland airport - killing two women inside. He was the only 'survivor' - as he was able to swim to shore. The newscast showed a newspaper article from 26 years ago about the crash, with a picture of the car.

He was also married briefly to another woman named Lourdes, who divorced him less than two years later citing violent abuse and physical attacks.

One has to wonder if he has physically abused his current wife. There is little doubt he has probably emotionally abused her.

One also has to wonder if there isn't more to the story about the two women who died while with Mario Garcia 26 years ago. It was a lot easier to cover up a murder back in those days. Forensics just weren't what they are today. It is unlikely there could be any evidence gathered now, but I bet Law Enforcement will review that case.

Monday, November 07, 2005

News 10 Reports that Garcia's bail was set at $3,000,000 today.

The parents of Christie Wilson were angry that any bail had been set at all, but the judge, in what could be a bad sign of rulings to come, decided that Prosecutors had not met the standard required to prove Garcia is a danger to the community.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

According to this Fox 40 News Report, Mario Garcia visited a UC Davis Medical Clinic in Auburn shortly after Christie disappeared.

He was treated for scratches and claw marks on his arms, as well as a black eye. This suggests that Christie Wilson put up a big struggle - big enough that this idiot had to go to the Med Clinic. Is this what the earlier reports meant when they suggested he had 'checked himself into a hospital recently'?

One wonders if she tried to gouge his eyes. I'd like to tell every lady out there to practice eye gouges. I mean, DIG IN with those sharp nails ladies!! You want to jam those thumbs all the way to the back of the head - show no mercy on the eyes. Also show no mercy on the adams apple. Rip it out or crush it.

While we are on the subject of defense - I will digress for a rant: The Placer County Sheriff's Office would like all CA. drivers to know that a small wooden stick in your car is a billy club, and illegal. It is a felony for which you could lose your voting priviledges, right to bear arms, and a lot worse.

However the last time I was at Auto Zone, a tire iron, 3 foot breaker bar, or any similar tool was not illegal and in fact might be expected to be found in a car. So - the lightweight wood stick is out - and the hefty tire iron or socket wrench is in - got it?

And what is the difference between a 'billy club' and a 'pool cue'? About 10-20 years with a cellmate...

If you want to be creative with your defense - and apparently you should, because generic old 'wood stick' is out of fashion as well as the law - consider these other trendy and not so trendy legal 'car handy' weapons:

- Pruning Shears (keep a few sizes handy - you never know)
- Small Shovel/Spade
- Walking cane
- Baseball Bat (with requisite glove and ball)
- Pool (Billiards) Cue stick set
- Lock + Sock (put lock in sock as required)
- Wrenches, ratchets, screwdrivers, and prybars (the large variety)

If stored in context - none of these items are illegal or arouse suspicion. If you keep tools in your car, keep an oily car repair manual in there too - you old shade-tree mechanic you! Otherwise your tools will be called 'burglary tools'.

Just don't keep a small, nicely turned wood stick in your car.

And don't ever- never - ever - never - ever keep two smaller wood sticks connected by a small rope (nunchukas) in CA. If you want to give my Senator's Feinstein or Boxer heart palpitations - just plant the thought of ninjas running around with nunchucks - you know - like the last time that happened :-) Ur eh, my bad - that didn't happen... Yeah - because for once, they stepped up and made a law BEFORE the crime took place... yeah. . . that's it.

This story in the Auburn Journal gives more information about Mario Garcia and his past.

Documents show that Garcia has gone by the names of Mario Flabio Garcia, Mario Johnson and Mario Flavio Garcia-Johnson.

A woman has come forward and claims to be his biological daughter. "Aileen Monroy wrote in an e-mail sent to the Journal's sister paper, the Roseville Press Tribune, that Garcia is her father."

As I mentioned some weeks back that Hwy 193 is a possbile route Mario garcia would have taken. Today, searchers were looking along this highway for clues according to News 10.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Placer County Crime Stoppers has raised the reward to $35,000 for information leading to Christie Wilson. Perhaps this will inspire more people to search areas around their homes and businesses.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


What was Mario Garcia thinking? He has a nice home, a wife & kids, apparently a decent job. Early reports indicate he checked himself into a hospital recently. I have not seen any further mention of that. Other than the neighborhood disputes, which are not unheard of in other places - what makes a guy like this - who has been clean for 20 years - kill a 'stranger' - what was the reason? Rape? He could probably afford an escort if he just wanted sex.

Anyhow, very early on some people pointed out that perhaps Christie Wilson was an 'escort'. It would seem reasonable for an unemployed 27 yr old from the Bay Area to perhaps dabble in this pursuit called 'escorting'. It also makes sense that a 53 year old guy from Auburn with a wife and two kids, and a recently acquired $75,000 line of credit, might also call up an escort for a night out at the casino.

It would explain some things. It would explain why they were both there spending time with each other - my guess is like they knew each other, for FOUR to FIVE hours gambling and drinking together - on a week night. It would explain any monetary transaction now being called a 'loan(?)' - perhaps caught on video tape. It may explain why her boyfriend waited TWO F'ING DAYS to go look for her at the casino; He has stated that she stayed out all night on occasion (That would make two nights).

It would explain why she left with Mario. She may have even willingly went to his car and got in to go somewhere else for the rest of the night's activities.

And let's not forget how her parents found out she was missing: 'Her parents were alerted to her disappearance by a call from a prospective employer. She had a job interview in Berkeley and they called (us) because she didn't show up," Debbie Boyd said. "She wouldn't ever do that. That made us think that something was seriously wrong."'KTVU Report

I wonder - did she live with her parents? Why did they call her parents? Does a prosepctive employer call the parents of every interviewee who bails out on an interview? It seems strange to me, unless the parents knew the prospective employer. So why was she in Rocklin partying at the casino two days before an interview in the Bay Area. If she lived with her parents, why didn't they know she was missing before the prosepective employer called?

The last time Mario Garcia jumped a woman, it wasn't a stranger, but an ex-girlfriend. People want to know why he was never convicted of rape - now they know perhaps why. Perhaps the story of an ex-girlfriend comes across as sour grapes to a jury - maybe it was in fact.

I don't want to believe Christie Wilson went to the casino with the express intention of meeting Mario Garcia. That's not because I don't approve of escorts - it is none of my business. I do care however, because if this were true - it means that law Enforcement is lying at worse - stretching the truth at best. Perhaps to cover up for a professional colleague? Christie Wilson's step dad is a San Jose PD Detective. Water-cooler talk that his 'hooker Daughter' was murdered probably woudn't go over real big - they'd rather quash that if they could.

Like I said... What was she doing; What was he thinking. The public doesn't like to be played. If she truly went to the casino by herself and just happened to meet Mario Garcia - alone by himself and in the mood to kill and throw everything away - that is some hard F'ing luck - a terrible twist of fate - whatever you want to call it. It's also long odds; I'm starting to think it may be bullshit - and that there is more to this story than we know yet.

According to this KCRA Channel 3 Report as well as this one from KXTV 10 out today, the hair that has been discussed as evidence was found in the trunk of Mario Garcia's car.

Mario Garcia is currently being held without bail. He has another bail hearing scheduled for next Monday.

Documents filed in the murder charge also list a previous 'Strike' - a violent felony conviction - which could double any sentence Mario Garcia might receive.

Garcia arraigned for murder. According to the story he was also arraigned for possessing a billy club....

WARNING - RANT MODE ON: What kind of chicken shit charge is possession of a billy club? In fact - what is a billy club anyhow - as defined by the People's Republik of California? Something tells me a downed tree limb in your backyard would qualify - or your kids' baseball bat...

Perhaps they will alledge it was used in the murder, which would be a significant tie-in.

OK let's face it - the billy club charge is another way to keep an eye on him while they sort things out.

Monday, October 31, 2005


Here are some questions that need to be answered. I don't want to sound like a bad guy for asking. But I'd like to know if this was truly a stranger on stranger crime, and you can bet some if not all of these will be asked during a trial by Defense. None of the questions should be construed to imply anything negative about Christie, they are simply questions that if answered, would fill in some missing pieces of this puzzle.

So here we go...

1) What was Christie Wilson doing at a casino on a week night?
2) Why was Christie Wilson gambling and drinking with Mario Garcia for 4-5 hours?
3) Why did Christie Wilson leave the casino with Mario Garcia?
4) For what purpose did Christie Wilson borrow money from Mario Garcia that night - and how much?
5) Did Christie Wilson and Mario Garcia have any contact prior to meeting in the casino? What were the circumstances of their initially meeting in the casino?

Mario Garcia will be back in court tomorrow...


According to this KCRA News 3 Report, Garcia appeared in court again today. The weapons charges against him were dropped.

The report also gives new clues to something we've all been asking: What time did Garcia get home, according to his wife:

"Detectives said that Garcia's wife revealed that her husband came home that night while it was still dark, but that she could not remember the conversation they had when he got home."

Also, the story indicates that Jean Garcia is still not being cooperative, and adds this interesting note:

'Investigators believe Garcia's wife knows where her husband went that night. "Without Mrs. Garcia speaking, it's awful hard. She knows what time he got home, we believe. And she knows some other things. But she's choosing not to talk to us right now. That makes it difficult, and that makes it harder on the family," said Placer County Sheriff's Department spokesman George Malim.'

One has to wonder if LE might not pull a Contra Costa County and bust her for accessory after the fact.

Several people have asked how to send me private email. Please note that I do not take email related to this case. I am not that involved or wrapped up in this matter, to correspond outside this blog.

Remember, a $10,000 (or larger as time goes by) reward is being offered for any information leading to Christie Wilson. If you have any direct information about her whereabouts or her circumstances, I encourage you to contact Law Enforcement directly.


FOX 40 News reports that searches on foot continued throughout the weekend. They are searching areas nearer to Mario Garcia's home. They note the very difficult nature of the search, and that it could be a long time before anything is found.

Perhaps the start of hunting season will geat more people out to remote areas, although the likely locations aren't necessarily known for the good hunting.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

I was taking a look at the surveillance video that shows Garcia and Christie Wilson walking out of the casino. One thing I noticed this time that I didn't pay attention to before, is that two vehicles are pulling into and parking in the aisle that they walk down. There is an SUV or Mini Van that is pulling into a parking spot just as the tape starts. It parks close to the doors, perhaps in a disabled/handicapped parking spot. Then moments later another SUV or mini van pulls in and parks a few spaces down from the first one.

The timing of these two vehicles arrival suggest that the occupants of those vehicles may have been exiting their cars as Garcia and Christie were walking by. I am curious if law Enforcement has identified and questioned these people for possible information.

Friday, October 28, 2005

The Placer County Jail Booking Report now has the charge of 187(a) listed in addition to the previous two charges.

        187. (a) Murder is the unlawful killing of a human being, or a
fetus, with malice aforethought.

They also still have the typographical error in Garcia's middle name.

NEWS 10 is reporting (UPDATE - NOW WITH VIDEO) again that the suspect car is a White Toyota Camry - which was pointed out by one of our readers a while ago. I guess Mario used the car and not the truck that night?

NEWS 10 will also carry a live web broadcast of the Placer County Sherriff's news briefing being held today at 2:30PM PST


According to this story in the Auburn Journal, Garcia was charged this morning.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


$10,000 is being offered by Placer County Crime Stoppers for information leading to Christie Wilson. Call 1-800-923-8191 if you have any information.

According to this report from CBS 13 News, Investigators are one step closer to finding Christie, although the report does not elaborate.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


A reliable source has passed this recording to me. It is Mario Garcia harrasing a neighbor - a veritable pasttime of his.

Click here to listen to the Telephone Message (.WAV), and hear for yourself the voice of a suspected killer.

Perhaps it should be chilling knowing what we do now, but personally I couldn't help getting a good laugh out of it. Mario Garcia pulls a Harry Callahan and says 'Make my day' while boasting of his financial resources and his belief that he'd prevail in court. We all know now that not only did Mario Garcia lose the case he references to a group of neighbors who represented themselves, in spite of the fact he hired an attorney - but he just plain got bitch slapped when he was ordered to pay for the neighbors' legal costs.

Can you imagine this guy after coming back to the neighborhood after that? You couldn't paste a boob on his forehead and have him looking or feeling any more stupid.

The parents of Christie Wilson are live on Scarborough country (MSNBC) right now. Christie's mother wants Mario Garcia to know that he has met his match with her family, and that his days of intimidating people are over.

One thing metioned several times during the interview was that a hair was found in Garcia's 'truck'. I have information that Garcia owns a late model Ford SuperCab SuperDuty F250 truck.

While other reports have the hair being found in a Toyota car, I have always wondered myself if that was true. I have long wondered which car Mario Garcia was driving that night. I hope Law Enforcment is certain of which car he drove that night. I have also wondered if they ever captured the vehicle Mario Garcia drove on any video tape - or do they have to take his word for it which car he drove that night?

I have information that the Toyota type car belonged to Jean Garcia, and that Mario typically drove the truck. Hopefully we will get some clarification on this matter in the near future.

Christie Wilson's step father said that searchers will be back in the area this coming weekend.

The Auburn Journal has a story about the continued search by retired law enforcement officers for Chirstie Wilson's body. They were out again searching yesterday, but have now headed back to their home cities to regroup.

I hope another wave of volunteers will show up for another effort soon. I have a bad feeling that one or two hairs isn't going to be enough evidence to convict this guy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

According to this story in the Auburn Journal, Mario Garcia is a Mexican National who has lived in the US since he was 14 years old. He reportedly served in the US Army during the Vietnam war era.

The Journal is also reporting the suspect's car used that night as a White Toyota Camry. They also allude to the fact that a hair from Wilson may have been found in the Garcia home. I don't think this necessarily means Christie Wilson was at the Garcia home, perhaps the hair was just transferred there by Garcia.

Monday, October 24, 2005

CBS 13 News confirms (w/video) that Mario Garcia is a suspect in the suspected homicide of Christie Wilson. Garcia also had a new attorney speaking for him outside court, David Dratman.

POI Mario Garcia is now officially referred to by Law Enforcement as a suspect, and the case is now considered a homicide investigation.


KXTV Channel 10 is reporting that a hair found in Mario Garcia's car matches Christie Wilson's hair.

This was a DNA analysis - and could be the nail in the coffin that is Mario Garcia's future.

The hair was found in a late model Toyota - I have information that it is a Toyota Camry not a Corolla as earlier reported.

Mario Garcia is still being held on $1,000,000 bail, as the judge in his case denied the motion for bond reduction.

Local KCRA News is reporting that searchers found a black shirt in a field near the casino on Sunday. It is possibly similar to the black shirt Christie was wearing when she disappeared. No other details about the shirt have been provided.

Also today, Mario Garcia will be back in court for a bail hearing. More to follow...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

More info re: POI

Here are more details about Mario Flavio Garcia:
- DOB 9/16/52
- Criminal Identification Index (CII) Number: A06446160
- FBI Rap Sheet: 948994T5

As Law Enforcement works to piece together the puzzle of just who is Mario Flavio Garcia, I thought I'd take this First Amendment Moment to bring you a taste of what it is they're dining on:

Mario Flavio and Jean L. Garcia were married March 24, 1984. Mario Garcia filed legal seperation papers in 1994 citing irreconcilable differences, against his wife Jean Garcia. At that time, they had been married 10 years. Even though they had two young children aged 4 and 8 at the time, Mario Garcia asked the court to terminate his wife's right to spousal support. He probably realized the financial beating he would take in a California divorce - and decided to come back to Jean. Keep in mind, they filed bankruptcy in 1996, two years after the seperation papers were filed.

Mario Garcia has two children. Both are male, and their ages are 14 and 18. The adult child is named Kristopher A. Garcia. He plays soccer (#18) at Placer High. I will not publish the minor child's name at this time.

Apparently, Mario Garcia had a hard-on over the road to his property even before escrow closed on his land. I have information that suggests he tried to cancel escrow on the property he now lives on, citing some BS about the Road Association dues which the seller owed. Even then, before he moved into his current house, he was threatening the seller of the land with an ass kicking.

Mario Garcia has fought bitterly with his neighbors over this road, finally coming to blows with one neighbor at the post office - which resulted in police reports being filed against both parties. For the most part, the neighbors got together and exposed Mario Garcia for the whack job he is. I think playing the boob for so long in the neighborhood drama may have actually cracked his nut.

Mario Garcia has repeatedly threatened to sue his neighbors, boasting that he has substantial financial resources - and that he would take everything they own and ruin them. He has in fact sued his neighbors - and lost. He claims this financial largesse in spite of the fact that he filed for bankruptcy within the past 10 years, and has a 2nd mortgage which he took out only 2 months ago on his house for a line of credit.

Here is the signature big man uses when he threatens to lose - er I mean sue.

Here is a sample of Mario attempting to bully a neighbor who apparently just moved to the neighborhood:


And look at a caption from a letter by a neighbor of Garcia's from 2000 - the first paragraph of which is very telling:

"In my opinion, he is a violent man, who will not hesitate to use every means at his disposal to harm those with whom he takes offense"
You can bet your last nickel this will appear as evidence in at least one trial

This is a typical threat from Mario Garcia:


And a snippet from another one:


He has reportedly threatened to assault and shoot his neighbors on more than one occasion. Here is another chilling statement made in November 2000, by yet another neighbor:

"It is not a good feeling to have a neighbor that makes you worry for your safety... Mr. Garcia is that neighbor."

Here is testimony from another neighbor, dated November 2000.:


It would appear that the only serious Civil case Mario Flavio Garcia will be participating in, is that one which will undoubtedly be filed by the parents of Christie Wilson. And there will undoubtedly be financial ruin involved for one of the parties - without a doubt.


Give it a try :-)

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Late Breaking Updates

The Aurburn Journal reported late tonight that LE has issued new, sealed search warrants related to the case.

Also according to tonight's KCRA Channel 3 newcast, LE has also been contacted by the last of the 3 Thunder Valley Casino gamblers they were looking for. The man who bought apparently a $180 bottle of Dom Perignon at the table with Christie Wilson has come forward.

LE is also contacting people from Mario Garcia's past and present, trying to build a better picture of the POI. They are doing the same for Christie Wilson.

Today, Law Enforcement officers from all over the state - brought together by the California Robbery Investigators Association - will gather at the Thunder Valley Casino to organize a search for Christie Wilson, according to local Channel 13 News. They are all very interested in helping a fellow officer, Pat Boyd, find his step daughter. Members of the public are welcome to join in the search.

Friday, October 21, 2005

According to a KXTV NEWS 10 REPORT, LE has released video of a man they want to talk to regarding the Wilson case. This man purchased a $180 bottle of champagne or wine while gambling, and shared it with the people at the table. LE thinks this man may have information about conversations between Mario Garcia and Christie Wilson that night.

I have looked at the video on the NEWS 10 site, and I have to say it is of such low quality as to be absolutley useless. I guess this is the 'video enhancement' we have been waiting for - for days or weeks now? Perhaps it will stir a memory, so I encourage everyone who may have been at Thunder Valley Casino that night to look at it.

More info about Garcia Restraining Order
It was brought to my attention by a reader, that much information about Mario Garcia's problems with his neighbors can be found online AT THIS WEBSITE.

Apparently the whole broo-haha stems from disputed access to the road Mario Garcia lives on.

It would appear that Mario garcia even sued to have the aformentioned website taken offline - and lost. Apparently he hired a Sacramento Law Firm to try and shut down the website, and instead was ordered to pay his neighbors legal costs for frivilous litigation.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

KXTV Channel 10 is reporting that LE has talked to two of the three people they were looking for who may have been gambling wth Christie Wilson and Mario Garcia that night. They also were contacted by another party who they were not looking for, but who was also gambling with Christie that night, and came forward with information.

LE is saying they are confident an arrest will result from the investigation.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Roseville Press Tribune reports that Mario Garcia has at least one civil restraining order against him from residents in the city where he lives. The report also says that the 'gambler witness' that recently came forward has corroborated the story given by dealers at the casino, however details of what has been said by these witneses has not been released.

LATEST INFO: LE is still waiting on DNA evidence to come back. Mario Garcia has been placed on Administrative leave from his job as an I.T. Project Manager at Sutter Health in Rancho Cordova. One of the gamblers seen playing in the casino with Garcia and Christie Wilson has come forward with information about what he overheard that night. So far LE is not commenting on the specifics...

According to this News 13 Report (w/video), Mario Garcia jumped a woman as she was entering her car 20 years ago in Fremont. He choked her, and forced her to drive to his van, which he then used to drive her into the hills and rape her. He then drove her back to an apartment, made her take a bath - and then raped her again. He then threatened her with a gun, putting it in her mouth and pulling the trigger on an empty chamber - before taking her back to her car and letting her go.

He was charged with 5 counts related to that, but eventually plead to lesser charges - but no sexual related charges apparently.

It would seem that this time Mario Garcia wanted to be sure his next parking lot mugging and rape victim wouldn't be around to talk...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Mario Garcia plead not guilty to weapons charges in court today, according to this News 10 Report.

Also according to reports, one of the three gamblers LE was looking for came forward today. Garcia's attorney - Ron Peters - is denying he had any involvement in the disappearance of Christie Wilson.

Where are the cameras?

Where are the cameras in the parking lot of Thunder Valley casino? My guess is there aren't any or many. Here we have a business that employs upwards of 200 cameras inside the facility to protect their own money, but can't spare a few extras in the parking lot to protect customers and employees from assault, rape & murder. It is absolutely disgusting that LE has no footage of what happened 50 feet from the front door of the casino.

Everyone who patrons the Thunder Valley casino should take the time to ask Management what they intend to do to beef up parking lot security and surveillance. It is the least we can do for Christie Wilson right now.

The Search Expands

Reports indicate the search area has expanded to the Sutter County line. It would seem probable that they are looking down Sunset Blvd West - which heads all the way to Hwy 99 near the river in Sacramento.

I drive down this road almost daily, and let me tell you - there are a lot of dirt roads leading off to who knows where, spiking off of Sunset Blvd West. It really will take an army of volunteers just to cover all of the areas accesible off of Sunset Blvd West. Yet this is only one of a few prime directions someone could have headed from the Casino to commit a crime/rape/murder/dump - not to mention the area around Auburn where the POI lives.

I am really starting to worry that any evidence in this case will be a long time coming. It is vital that everyone who works and travels in these remote areas be on the lookout.

According to a News 13 report, Law Enforcement is looking for 3 or 4 gamblers who were seen playing at a table in the casino with Mario Garcia and Christie Wilson. Images are being enhanced and will be released soon. They are hoping these people can provide additional imformation about the relationship between Mario Garcia and Christie Wilson that night. Anyone with information should contact Placer County Sheriff's Sgt. Bob McDonald at (530) 889-7852 or the Sacramento Police Department at (916) 433-0650.

Monday, October 17, 2005

According to local NEWS 10, Mario Garcia was arrested in 1979 in Alameda County, and charged with kidnapping and rape. The information has been confirmed by LE. More to follow...

Sunday, October 16, 2005

According to a Video Report from KXTV News 10, Mario Garcia was convicted of a felony 20 years ago. I am still looking into this and trying to confirm information before I release it.

They also report that the search has now extended south into Sacramento County and the American River area.

My guess is Mario Garcia did not come home shortly after 1:15am that early morning after leaving the casino.

Christie Wilson's mom has made a plea to Jean Garcia - to assist and provide any information she has to help find Christie.

When did he get home?

As I said before - a question we all want aswered is what time did Mario Garcia claim to get home? What time does his wife and children place him getting home after leaving the casino? What about neighbors, or any video tape from surrounding businesses - even those around his home? What about CALTRANS highway video? I sure hope LE has checked into all of this for possible leads.

We'd all like to know when he got home, so we can determine how far away from his normal route to/from the casino he may have roamed - say to commit certain crimes and dispose of a body. Of course this information could be used to exclude him from any involvement in the dissapearance too.

Amateur local sleuths can use the two map points HERE (POI Home) and HERE (Casino) to help establish possible video camera locations - and dump/crime locations.

A local person - one who was not committing a crime - would probably leave the Casino and take Industrial to Twelve Bridges, and then take Hwy 65 to Hwy 193, and then take 193 into Auburn, heading up 49 North to the POI's home. This takes you from the Casino into very dark territory, at that time of night. A lot of things have been developed since the Google Satellite images were taken, but there is still a lot of undeveloped land. There is also a lot of wetland, and ponds around the casino. If you were looking to get rid of something - there are plenty of very remote sidetracks off of even this dark route.

Looking at the area around the POIs home, there looks to be a lot of open land just to the north. In fact the POI's home street pretty much borders no-mans land.

It is easy to see why Law Enforcement has a real challenge on their hands locating a crime scene, and possibly doubling their challenge - a body in another location.

According to a new report, the POI drives a Toyota Corolla. LE has not released any other details about the car. According to a LE PRESS RELEASE, detectives have interviewed casino staff and that has helped them establish the nature of the relationship that Christie Wilson and Mario Garcia built during the time they gambled together.
According to another LE PRESS RELEASE, scent dogs have searched the area around the casino, and also the POIs home.

Mario Flavio Garcia (link goes to arrest story @ Auburn Journal)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Sources tell me that Mario Flavio Garcia Jr. is from Auburn, CA. his social security card was issued in California. I do have the home address but I choose not to publish it at this time. However, I am linking to his residential area. This link will take you to a Hybrid Sat/Map image - the center of which puts you within 3 miles of his home.

I have also discovered that he previously lived in an Apartment in Rocklin, CA with his current wife. Rocklin is basically the city where the casino is located, even though the Post Office calls it Lincoln, CA. What I am getting at is this: Mario F Garcia Jr was possibly already familiar with the area around the casino before it was even built. He probably already knew there were country roads and fields around, and he may have known some back-routes to Auburn. I certainly hope Law Enforcement is checking these routes out - I am sure they are doing all they can.

I wonder what Mario Garcia does for a living. I wonder what sort of after hours access he may have - or have had in the past - to buildings or other private locations. I wonder what sort of tools and heavy equipment he may have access to, or be familiar with using. There are some construction projects going on just down the road from the casino - less than 1 mile away - with plenty of heavy equipment around. I am sure Law Enforcement has checked the area out completely. I hope they have interviewed construction workers about possible equipment tampering, and also obviously alerted them to be on the lookout for evidence.

Mario Garcia's wife's name is Jean L Garcia - former name Jean L Hsia. She is listed as either 48 or 54 years old. Her social security card was issued in Texas. I do hope she comes forward with everything she knows - SOON.

They sold their previous Auburn, CA home in 1993 for $249,000. Their current home on 4.7 acres was built in 1994, and is a 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 3 car garage model with a pool. It is listed as 2882 square feet. It appears they had more land next door to their current home, and sold it in 2000 for $118,000. They refinanced their home in 1999 for 292,000 and again in 2002 for $300,700. They took out a second mortage in 2001 for $100,000, and again in 2004 for $50,000 and again only two months ago for $75,000 in the form of a credit line. This despite the fact that they filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy protection in 1996, listing assets of $417,169 and liabilities of $471,543.

Reports indicate they have two children. Publicly available info would indicate the Garcia's bank at The Golden One Credit Union.

We'll take a look at his criminal background next...

The Placer County Jail Booking Report shows Mario Flavio Garcia as being aged 52 years. I have his birthdate as 9/1952 - making him 53 as of last month. According to the booking sheet, he is charged with violating California Penal Code 12020(a)(1) - A catchall violation that covers possessing everything from nunchukas to pen-knives, disguised firearms, and more. He is also charged with violating PC 12021(a)(1) - A felon or drug addict in possession of a firearm.

POI Identified
The Person of Interest in the disappearance of Ms. Wilson is a 53yr old man named Mario Flavio Garcia. He has been arrested on weapons charges. Bail was set at $1,000,000 due to his prior criminal history.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Detectives searched the home of the 53yr old person of interest last night. They also have indicated that a hair which they had found in this person's car may be a match to Christie. This is a big break in the case if it is confirmed.

And now - KCRA 3 is reporting that the man has been questioned by Law Enforcement in the past - in connection with similar circumstances to this one. He also reportedly recently checked himself into a hospital.

The POI claims to have parted ways with Christie in the parking lot. Video shows them moving together from table to table inside the casino. Video that has been released show them leaving the casino and heading into the parking lot. The video has a disturbing sequence, where the man tries to put his hands on Christie and she appears to push him away.

Some people have speculated that this person threatened her with an unseen weapon.

The video loses sight of the POI and Christie a short time after they enter the parking lot. Pat Boyd, Christie's step dad and a San Jose PD Detective, has reportedly said that authorities have good, clear video of Christie's car in the parking lot - and that she never makes it back to her car.

It has also been reported today, that the POI and his wife have hired attorneys and are not speaking to Law Enforcement. KXTV 10 News reports that law Enforcement has asked Pat Boyd to stay away from the search area for now.

One big red flag: The POI has a black eye now, which he did not have in the Casino. He has been unable or unwilling to explain how he got it.

- What car was the POI driving that night - and why hasn't LE released photos of it and asked the public if they had seen it that night?

- What time does his wife and/or neighbors report him coming home on Oct. 5th? What time does he claim to have come home?

- Is it his normal behavior to go gambling at the Casino alone, and get friendly with women half his age? What does his wife and children think about this behavior? Particularly, what do they think about the video that has been released?

- How did the POI get the black eye? Does he have any scratches on him? Did LE get a warrant to search his body for injuries?

- Who is this POI - by name? If I can find this information out, and I am trying, then you can bet I will not hold back in exposing him. If he has nothing to hide, let him talk to LE and co-operate so he is no longer a POI. Until then, he is fair game for my 1st Amendment liberties.


Christie Wilson is a 27 year young lady from Northern CA. She was last seen on videotape at about 1:15am on Oct 5th, 2005, walking into the parking lot of the Thunder Valley Casino in Lincoln, CA, after exiting the front doors. Her boyfriend reported her missing on Oct 6th, 2005.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Placer County Sheriff's Sgt. Bob McDonald at (530) 889-7852 or the Sacramento Police Department at (916) 433-0650.

Here is a link to a Hybrid Satellite/Map view of the Casino area. Please note - this satellite image was taken before the casino was built.

Here are some links to relevant news stories:

- Woman Missing After Visit to Thunder Valley Casino (w/video)
- Missing Sacramento woman seen on video leaving casino with man
- Police Search Home In Sacto. Missing Woman Case (w/video)
- Agonizing Vigil For Gilroy Family (w/video of parents)
- The surveillance video from the casino
- 12:26 min interview with George Malim, Lt. Placer County Sheriff

The Players:

- Christie Wilson
- 27 yrs; missing & suspected victim of foul play; 1996 graduate of Gunderson High School in San Jose
- Daniel Burlando - 30 yrs; Boyfriend of Christie
- Debbie Boyd - Mother of Christie
- Pat Boyd - Stepfather of Christie - also a San Jose, CA Police Detective
- Unknown Person of Interest - 53 yrs; Male residing in Placer County, CA. Married, Father of two.

The Casino & Surrounding Area:
The Thunder Valley Casino is a tribal casino, run by the United Auburn Indian Community of Miwok and Maidu Indians. It is located in an underdeveloped industrial area. It is also located about 1 mile from a very large Landfill. Because of this, locating a body by smell in this area would be hard for a human. It just plain stinks all around the area. There is a lot of open land and fields around the casino, and the roads leading away from the casino are very dark, and will take you very deep into farmland without ever seeing another car at 1:15AM. There are also freight train tracks running right next to the casino. In my opinion, it is the perfect place to make a getaway with a kidnap victim. It is also probably a good stopping point for transients who ride the rails - and this could also be a factor in the disapperance of Christie Wilson.